Now it begins…

trumplowDrawing by Jan Erik Ander, Swedish Cartoonist

As expected, Loki has won his election. He would have triumphed in any case – candidates matter very little, these days. Media rules everything, real politics, not to mention realpolitik has become obfuscated. There was a time when the population of Europe looked to the US of A as the last, great bastion of democracy, but as participation in Presidental or Governmental elections have worn thin, in USA, in Sweden or near everywhere else, the very idea of a two party system or ”block” politics seems ludicrous.

How could a nation of 318 million – and so many intelligent vocies – come up with the least obvious choices, and then pit these two against each other for the better part of six months ? Figures aren’t in yet, but it might be that some 60 percent of the eligible voters really did vote, after all. With that, at least, there might be a real popular majority behind the soon-to-be president.

My poor old gray-harid mother – now turned christian and almost popish with age (I put it down to the onset of senility) sent me a texted message today. ”God bless America” she wrote – and then finished ”They might as well need it !

My sentiments exactly, I texted back. The US of A needs every blessing it can get, these days, and if the Judeo-Christian god is willing, I for one wouldn’t stop him from blessing America.

xwtoputp_400x400Not exactly better than Trump, is he ?

Very propably, we need blessings all around. The current Government in these parts – that of Mr Löfvén and his red or green cronies – has about a 30 % voter support, if current polls are anything to go by, and in any case, people to the West of the Atlantic might be much better off with Mr Trump than people very similar to those we regrettably have in power over here. Some people snickered when Ronald Regan – former actor turned Republican President – got elected – but more than twenty years later, the very same Mr Reagan is remembered as one of the best presidents the US ever had – in the 20th century.

We shall soon see what the future holds.


Tension will mount in the Baltic area. Russia will invade the Ukraine again this Spring, or as soon as the sanctions are lifted. The war in Syria will continue – that much is certain..

Mr Trump has threatened to dissolve the NATO. He has also hinted at the use of nuclear weapons against certain unnamed countries in Europe, because ”Europe is a big place” as he so lovingly puts it. This he uttered, shortly before April 1st, this year; and the very next day, he was reputed to have stated that in reality, he is all for nuclear disarmament. Can such a politician ever be trusted ? I think not. War will come, regardless – and in that war, Sweden, Finland and its Baltic neighbours, might all stand alone.

If Mr Trump will use his nuclear arsenal against us, or against anyone else is an open question, but his opinions on Sweden as a country and against the Swedes as a people, he has already made crystal clear, time and time again. Very evidently, he is our enemy, and we certainly would be very wrong to believe in even the slightest support from him, once the war betweeen Russia and the Ukraine starts – as it very soon will.

As for the good people of USA – the vast majority of them; they have nothing against us, and we have nothing against them – nothing whatsoever – but with Trump in power, the World will seem a much less stable place, alarmism or no. My heart is with every citizen in the US that I ever met, shaked hands with or corresponded with. You are all good people, from a nation that was once truly great – and as I’m sure that you still have the very best of ideals, as you have proven this to us many times over – so be proud of yourself and take pride in America, for all that she ever was; and what she as of yet might be once again, the likes of Trumps or Clintons notwithstanding. Be proud of your armed forces. Be proud of your servicemen. We have much to thank the USA for, no matter what generation we belong to – and I for one won’t forget that, or the friendship you so often have shown us all in the past. If the worst will come, let it be said that I must detest your government; but not your judgement; oh Americans, for soon enough, you might come to your senses again.

Balts, Ukrainians and Finns are also reaching this conclusion – if our Swedish language media sources are anything to go by.

We had better look well to ourselves, sack our present leaders and elect competent ones – while time still lasts – but when it comes to Mr Trump, we have few or no expectations.

Today is Odin’s day. Frith and Wisdom may be with us all.



One thought on “Now it begins…

  1. Det bästa för Sverige var att Donald Trump vann. Hur då menar kanske en del läsare? Jo Sverige har haft fred i över 200 år. Att vi haft fred beror på att vi varit neutrala i krig. Freden har gynnat oss, neutraliteten var bra för oss. Tack vare att Sverige inte var med i andra världskriget har vi kunnat bygga upp ett välfärdssamhälle. Men de senaste åren har diverse typer velat få med Sverige i terrororganisationen NATO. Denna krigsförbrytarförening hetsar med krig mot Ryssland.

    Men nu när Donald Trump, den man som inte fick vinna valet ska nu bli president. Trump vill ha goda relationer med Ryssland. Detta att ”fel” kandidat vann var rätt för oss. Nu lär NATO anhängarna lugna ner sig. Sverige kan tack vare Trump vara alliansfritt och neutralt. Tack vare Trump kommer vi fortsätta att ha fred och svenska soldater behöver inte ge sig in i krig som strikt taget inte rör oss svenskar.

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