Trump versus the Nordic States

It’s a foregone conclusion that sometimes – in the world of international diplomacy – a world which I, Asatrumann as I am, never spent very much time – what’s not being said or not stated actually has a lot more importance than the surface message, or what’s being said up front. For instance, two days ago, the Foreign Minister of Iceland vocied her concerns on Mr Trump, and his latest accomplishment. I quote, in full, from the ”Iceland Review on line”:

Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs Lilja Alfreðsdóttir was interviewed on RÚV radio this morning and asked about her reaction to Donald Trump having been elected President of the US.

“It’s too early to tell what his policy and emphases will be exactly,” she stated. “For example, on security and defense issues, it’s hard to predict about his policy, there was, for example no list put forth with his emphases, goals and policy.”

She pointed out it was unclear whether President Trump would be much different from the candidate Trump. “For us [Icelanders], it’s important to evaluate our relations with the US. They have been good for decades. This is an important country to us in international relations. We’ll evaluate the situation and see what happens.”

Lilja stated that had Clinton been elected, not much change would have been expected in foreign policy. “There is more uncertainty regarding [Trump’s] emphases and goals,” she remarked. “That can’t be denied, but time will tell. For Icelanders, it’s important to promote our emphases and issues in the clear way we have been doing.

If this was obscure, to some readers in the US, the letter sent from the Prime Minister of Iceland, maybe serves to make things a little more clear. Quite simply, the Prime Minister sent Mr Trummp a reminder on the values, with USA has upheld until know. Next to an open question regarding the US status as a NATO alliance partner, or a short statement – in keeping with the tenets of Asatru, saying ”Keep your oaths !” – I don’t know what would be more pertinent, or – should we say – more diplomatic…


Everywhere – Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway – the overall reaction has been much the same. Mr Trump has threatened to dissolve the NATO. He has openly threatened to use Atomic weapons, ”somewhere in Europe” as – he says ”Europe is a big place”. How are we to interpret this – especially when it comes from a person who the day after tries to deny everything he just said, and goes back on his very own word ?

He has also – to name but a few small samples of his oratory style – Accused the Chinese – of all people – to have invented Global Warming, claiming that no such phenomenon exists. Well, try stating this before South Americans affected by ”El Nino” or the population of Haiti…. He has – quite absurdly – accused Wind Power to be behind the decline of the famous ”Bald” Eagles of North America – again giving no logical explanation to what such statements would be taken to mean. He has stated – again – quite openly – that he considers Russias invasion of the Crimean peninslua as ”legal” and fully in accordance with international law.

The next logical question, I suppose – would be to ask all American citizens whether or not they would consider a Russian Re-claiming of Alaska (yes, it was Russian to begin with) to be valid under international law – or if they rather would consider ceding The Hawaii Islands to the Japanese….

As the matter now stands, no one in Sweden can trust the statements of the Incumbent President or his Goverment to be of lasting importance for the future. Russia’s increased aggression towards all Baltic and Nordic states is clearly visible for the whole World to see. So far, the USA has made good upon its promises. We have heard the clear, unequivocal statements of Senator Biden, and his position on the Gotland issue, to name but one small thing. Must we then conclude, that these statements aren’t valid anymore ? Instead of a reliable alliance parter, we see an obnoxious, loudmouthed buffoon in front of us – and what are we to think ? Can Trump be trusted with International affairs ??

Even little Iceland is holding is breath, and has second thoughts on the whole affair.


Today, local and national media tells of how Russia secretly is buying up massive amounts of industrial land close to several Swedish major ports, all on the slim pretext that the never accepted proposed ”Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline project needs this. (We could do as the Poles – just call it the Molotov-Ribbentrop pipeline, or perhaps the Merkel-Putin plan for the division of Europe – the outcome will be the same..) Allan Widman (Swedish Liberal Party) – has urged Mr Löfvén and his weak Government to take immediate action, and he for one is not taken in by the general Trumpery.

Two weeks ago – just before the 2016 presidental election – it was revealed that the former Miss Finland, one Nini Laaksonen was the 12th woman to state that the good Mr Trump sexually molested her. Ok, given the intricacies of US Presidental Campaigns, should we say – or the way they usually have been conducted – I can perhaps understand one such claim, two such claims or even three or four women somewhere to come forward and state something vaugely along these lines, but twelve women, all separately, the one after the other, a whole covenful of them, or one for every month of the year, like some bizarre calendar project ?


Now, Ms Laaksonen has no interest in American politics (neither so have I – no great interest, in any case)  she does not seek any form of compensation, financial or otherwise, she does not contemplate litigation, she seeks no apology, even; and the reason she hasn’t appeared before authorities or filed any charges is that she is disgusted with the whole thing, this sort of sordid behaviour and especially with the persona of Mr Trump, she explained to the Finnish Ilta Sanomat newspaper.

As my friends in Asatru circles know, I have already explained what the Old Laws of Gotland province has to say about the ”Trumping” of women, and what women were fully entitled or empowered to do to the offender, given the very same laws – no longer in place, and not know on US shores, I wager; but around here – even today – ”Fola Gripr” or ”A fools grip” is not tolerated among women, but – due to Freyja’s grace – or the ability of Ms Laaksonen to suffer fools gladly, and to disregard minor insults, the US President to be has nothing to fear from her, on a most personal level indeed. Neither from me – but we remain disgusted by Mr Trump, distrustful of him, and we do not see him as furthering the interest of good international relations the slightest, particularly not when it comes to the values we hold for important, or our region of the World.

Likewhise – are we to permit Gotland to fall into Russian hands, and then hear Mr Trump – or his Goverment – soon in office – to accecpt such an occupation by military force as ”valid” ? Remember that our close neighbours, the Ukrainians – and the Balts – have already heard enough of such talk, and that they have grown weary of it, all the Trumpery, buffoonery and all the other jolly Shenanigans along the Campaign trail of 2016 aside.

I think not.

We are Asatrumenn. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost might be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

It has been said before, naturally – but when Northern Europe of today comes to mind, these words said long ago by someone else – a real statesman for a change – not someone like Mr Trump – are still as true and valid as ever.


(And as matters stand, we have very little respect left in other areas – because how can we even respect those who openly fail us all ?)


7 thoughts on “Trump versus the Nordic States

  1. Vare sig Trump eller Clinton är några större ljus. Han är enligt mig den minst dålige.
    Men istället för att diskutera och moralisera det amerikanska valresultat så är det bäst för oss alla att inse att världen förändras samt se till hur förändringen kan vara till nytta för asatron.


    • jag moraliserar nog knappast, jag bara konstaterar att samtliga nordiska länder ställer sig frågande till vad som ska hända inom utrikespolitiken, och om vi kan lita på USA i detta läge..

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      • Alla som läst Havamal vet att den dikten utstrålar sund misstro. Vi ska ha sund misstro mot amerikaner och ryssar.
        Utrikespolitiskt så finns det dock knappast något hot mot Sverige idag. Ryssland har inget intresse av att starta krig mot Sverige. Om Sverige flörtar med NATO så ökar tvärtom risken för konflikt. Men nu när Trump tar över i USA kommer relationerna med Ryssland ändras.


      • Skitprat – och Putinsk propaganda. Med en armé vars underhåll knappt fungerar ens i fredstid, och en styrka på 36 000 man – till och med Island har mer av ett Militärt försvar än vad Sverige nu har – finns knappast någon framtid för vårt land utanför NATO överhuvudtaget. Estland, Lettland och Litauen är redan NATO medlemmar, och redan från början har Putin varit mycket tydlig med att han mål är att återupprätta det imperium Ryssland hade under sovjetväldet. Vi kan vänta oss att nästa krig i Ukraina bryter ut i februari, och då kommer knappast den ryska armé på över 60 000 man som redan finns vid Ukrainas gräns att stanna vid Dnjepr. Fortsatt aggression emot hela Baltikum kan mycket väl bli följden, och då är Gotland av vitalt intresse. Tar Ryssland den ön, förhindrar man i ett slag att väst för fram några ytterligare styrkor till Baltikums hjälp överhuvudtaget.Exakt detta ingår i Putins mål, och vi kan också vänta oss, att han kommer försöka genomföra det. Till hjälp har vi ett stridsvagnskompani och en halv bataljonsstridsgrupp – den 18:e – plus en ensam bataljon hemvärn om drygt 500 personer. Det räcker inte !


  2. Saw your reply on Jön Upsal’s Garden. Apologies for the English reply but I have very little Swedish.

    1st Fools grip is a great term.

    Do understand though the US is nothing like Sweden culturally or politically, Jantelagen and similar customs only apply here in a few heavily Scandinavian areas or among Scandinavian folk.

    Trump is a Scot/German and won’t intuit them in that way. Its not an issue of his wealth though that shields him here but of his part of culture. Only Scandinavians act like Scandinavians. no one else can be expected to understand it and while it can be learned, its really mostly in the blood.

    Also Trump took no Oaths to our friends in the North and isn’t bound by his honor to uphold them at all. They don’t carry over with the office.

    In any case his complaint is with those that shirk their own obligations , below 2% military spending . The others if NATO members still gain protection

    If you wish to remain free of the Russians longer term , you’ll need do few things

    1st remove The problem elements on your society , Muslims and Africans and the like won’t be loyal to you in any numbers and are a potential domestic threat and 5th column Do as we hardhearted Americans would, those who do not work must return and must not enter . This frees up money and buys you domestic stability

    2nd Long term, have a few more children

    3rd Be prepared to defend yourself . If you take the nations that are Scandinavian or nearly so such as Finland minus the above elements you have a population well over 20 million and some with a larger per capita GDP , a decent amount of military spending 3% to 5% of GDP will render you indigestible to Russia even without America.

    As for long term help from America, do not count on it. This nation is in upheaval and if the immigrants here gain more political power as they might, they will shift this nations focus elsewhere

    Callously, White Americans care about Scandinavia, non Whites will not to any high degree. Rightly they will shift focus to the Continents and Nations from whence they came

    This presumes of course stability which is not guaranteed

    In any case it was a pleasure to read your article and to see another perspective both Sweden and Heathen.

    Take Care.


    • Thank you for a long, and illustrative reply. And speaking of which – very recently – or this very weekend – Dagens Nyheter – our largest daily newspaper with a circulation of some 4 million readers – tried to push forward the idea that California would actually cecede from the union, as a result of the Trump victory. (see this link for details: ) Very clearly – even if I’m not an expert here – I thik to Constitutiton would barr any such attempts, and as the matter stands, there wouldn’t even be more than a tiny fraction of a percent of voters who would support such a notion anyway. One could also note that our media has written nothing or next to nothing on regional or local agendas of the Republican Party or the Trump supporters – it might well be that Mr Trump stands out as a candidate who could mean very much for certain states or counties – but over hear – we only tend to see media writing about his more ”peculiar” statements, should we say – and this – paired with an anti-Trump attitude among Swedish journalists in general – could account for the media image we get here, at least to a substantial degree.

      Trump may have given no definitie promises on NATO during his campaign, of course, but what I meant to imply – or hint about were the statements of Joe Biden – and others within the incumbent administration – whose words have been taken as very definite promises (see ) as far as Mr Löfvén and his Government goes. One could argue that as a whole, a nation needs some continuity within its foreign policy, i e – If Vice President A of US Government B makes a definitive statement on issue X, it does not look very good if the next administration C counteracts all the previous Government B did on the X issue – this is mostly true for global politics as a whole, not just US-Swedish relations, I should like to think.

      On points 1,2 and 3 – yes – I couldn’t agree with you more here – but 1st proposal is already next to impossible to act out. Sweden has 19 000 policemen (in active service, not counting office clerks, civililians on an adminstrative level etc) for its 9.9953 million population, and secretly – you won’t find it in any papers or on the net – the National Immigration office has admitted that it needs to deport at least 63 000 illegal aliens, as they have no business residing here in the first place. The army or the territorial forces (35 000 ca total defence establishment in armed personell, 19 000 of which are ”Home Guards” or Territorial reservists, including yours truly 🙂 are powerless to act, as the local Constitution forbids them to do so, in lieu of an armed uprising, and a Governmental bill to the effect of general mobilization. Thus, it’s very debatable if the some 100 000 muslims can be made to leave the country by voluntary means – or if there even is a political incentive to drive them out – current opinion is against it, and with only 18 % or INVESTIGATED crimes being solved (25 % ca of ”major” ones like outright murder, mayhem, manslaughter etc) not – REPORTED crims solved, the legal system is under a good deal of stress anyhow.

      3dr option is very possible, however – pending the exit of the Löfvén Government, and especially the Environmentalist or ”Green” party, which tends to be communists under another name, just as much as the old ”red” variety. But at least, we now have one weak tank company, two infantry companies and one territorial Bn on Gotland – which will be Mr Putin’s first goal – thereby, he can secure Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for himself (with a swift outflanking move) the NATO membership of all these countries notwithstanding, as one can hardly expect Poland to move against Russia, when the Ukraine war re-starts, next year. As – most unfortunately – it almost certainly will…


  3. Makterna som styrt hittills i västliga demokratier har haft såväl EU som US i konflikt med Ryssland. Samtidigt har Europa fyllts med invandrare som för med sig Mellanöstern-religion. Trump vill tvärtom förbättra vår relation till ryssarna samtidigt som han vill sluta krusa Islam. Var inte ledsen över Trump, var i stället glad. Var inte ledsen över att han kallat svenska folket för mähän, var istället ledsen över att han har rätt, join Trump, sluta krusa svenska tidningar och se; sundhet i tanke kommer att återvända 🙂



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