”Alla kan INTE vara Lucia !” or ”The cultural misappropriation of Lussi”

The phraze ”Alla kan INTE vara Lucia !” or ”Not everyone can be St Lucy!” is a time-honored bon mot, courtesy of the Swedish Army.

It has been in use since the 1970’s at least, and is mostly used against those who monopolize other people’s valuable time for entirely selfish reasons, or against those who try to take credit for someone elses project, idea or whatever, or just as a general warning against someone ”hugging the limelight”, being a diva or ”highjacking” a subject by deliberate spread of misinformation even, like the preposterous garbage about ”forn sed” being an acceptable term for Asatrú, when in fact it is nothing more than a christian slur-word from the 13th century.

cropped-freja-hacc88mndens-eld-11.jpg”Lussi” is supposed to be a spiritual event for adults, NOT a ”pop-culture phenomenon”, or a celebration for children or morons

Speaking of slurs, bad behaviour or cultural misappropriation, there seems to be an awful lot of that going around in this country nowadays. A monstrous controversy surrounding the ”Lussi” feast has thrown itself upon us since of the few last weeks. Everything started when the Åhléns department store published its usual ads ahead of Jul (yes, Yule – not X-Mas or Christmas, although by now we can only celebrate ”Christ – what a mess” ) showing a little black boy as a supposed ”St Lucy”, and evidently, this for some reason drew a lot of flack in the form of spiteful or downright hateful comments, possibly of a racist nature, eventhough by now, no one can be sure if this was a case of genuine public outcry or not, or if the whole thing was carefully orchestrated from the beginning.


svart_lucia_2016_5846ca4bddf2b3431711b488Ah yes – very cute, but ”Lussi” – nope !

Åhléns has become generally known for its ”inventive” ad campaigns, sometimes with overtly political messages on the lines of ”ifrågasätt könsmaktsordningen”  (which very loosely translates as ”question the gender order of power” ) which was its advertisement theme for the fall season of 2016 – it all seemed to be a celebration of transvestism, political correctness or whatever. The jury is still out on that one, and here; we do not have any jurys but the ”hanging” kind, or a sort of lynch justice, Internet style..

To be sure, we now live in a World where Donald ”grab them by the pussy” Trump is to become president of the US of A – and therefore, I for one do not think that it is even appropriate to discuss political rethoric or social mores or individual statements any longer.

Less than one month ago, junior politician Delmon Haffo (conservative) called Social Democrat Minister of Social Security Annika Strandhäll (blonde, naturally !) for a ”whore outright – something which local cartoonist Kalle Strokirk labelled as ”a clear insult towards a whole cadre of  professionals” and with that, we see that pure Trumpery (and other jolly Shenanigans) has also reached these northern shores.



As for me, I couldn’t care even one iota less if some black kid or other gets to play dress-up, or if you have umpteen ”unconventional” versions of supposed St Lucy’s in all possible or rather impossible genders, races, colors, age groups et cetera et cetera ad infinitum showing up in ads or the news. Neither do I care very much about Åhléns – I never shopped  there anyhow, let alone now; and after Åhléns – without much deliberation – removed its entire campaign, there were new howls of consternation, media outrage and protest, stating (on one hand) that ”Åhléns had given in to a massive racist conspiracy” consisting of every ethnically Swedish person on the planet, no less, or – to less biased and a trifle more erudite commments from lady journalists Katerina Janouch, Helena Edlund and Ann Heberlein (guilty of writing a cultural history of blondes, herself being a blonde and a victim of recent racist attacks) among them.


De Gustibus Non Erat Disputandum” or ”Who are the real haters ?”

If we are to believe this version of the story, Åhléns deliberately ”forewarned” other hate groups (notably ”anti-white” ones ) on Facebook and other social media that a supposed ”racist attack” was going to occurr, so that the same haters could launch a pre-emptive counter-strike on the general assumption that they were the ”good” haters and not the bad ones. Katerina Janouch (brunette) was later made to nullify her previous statements to this effect, after another ”flame war” in the press.

img_1612More in line with the spiritual dimension

To be sure, the statuary ”unconventional ” versions  of the originally Norse Pagan and Folk Tradition concept of ”Lussi” or the queen of light in Midwinter – Freyja herself bringing good tidings to a World of darkness and confusion – has long become the ”norm” – the very norm the PK elite tirelessly state they want to rebel againstAlready in the year 2006, ICA – a major supermarket chain did an ad campaign with the very same theme as today – and sparking a similar ”hate storm” on some fringe Internet forums – if indeed it was a ”hate storm” at all – or just a bunch of semi-inarticulate on-line Yahoos chatting together….

223268f-cxqWhen the supposedly ”unconventional” already is a convention in itself, what is there to protest against ??

The history of the St Lucy figure – from the very first traces in the works of Prokopios, Strabo, possibly Pytheas as well, even if his ”journey to Thule” hasn’t come down to us – is well known to all and sundry, at least here. Even a few intelligent American Asatruar of the conservative camp has bothered enough about us to actually getting around to learn and understand it.

Few people though – outside Sweden, that is – can comprehend its true spiritual significance. Lucia or St Lucy’s has nothing whatsoever to do with Catholicism or St Lucy the Martyr – except for a vain Christian attempt to ”appropriate” the whole holiday since of the 1850′s – the ”folk” version of Westrogothia, 18th century and still earlier had much more to do with fertility, the coming harvest for the next year and the role of St Lucy was always played by an adult woman – and just as ”Majbruden” or the May Bride of Walphurgis (another festival for Freyja) she should enjoy a reputation for sensuality, sometimes outright sexuality as well – and of course, she should be a natural blonde, just like Freyja. Around her waist, she should wear a sash made out of straw or red cloth, signifying that she indeed was fertile, and always an adult, never just a girl.


Shades of the older, spiritual significance of ”Lussi” or the queen of light, opening doors to other Worlds, at the Midwinter solstice (note that after the shift from a Julian to Gregorian calendar in 1753, the original ”longest night of the year” now falls on December 21, not December 13, thanks to a Swedish parliamentary committee) still can be seen or heard, despite the cultural misappropriation of ”pop culture”.

I read one such story today, about an ex-army private who in his old age wound up in a public hospital, unable to speak, move or even feed himself. As he suffered from malnutrition, lack of proper care and neglect – an all too common fate for the old of this nation nowadays, he never made a cry, but stoically accepted all to the very end. At the day of St Lucy’s, a procession of four blonde nurses greeted him early in the morning, but then the grey old veteran stood up from his hospital bed, raised his hand to his forehead, as if to salute the flag – before that day, he was paraplegic and fully unable to move at all – went back to the bed, where he breathed his last, and calmly died, relieved of all suffering. (the supposedly real event took place in the year 1970, according to today’s paper)

He was not a christian, you see, and so – not dying a straw death, his Hamn and Hugr went to Valhall. Such is the nature of Freyja, and her power.

That said – foreign readers can perhaps begin to grasp some of the meaning of ”Lusse” and why swedes don’t like foreign nationals to mess with it. It is our tradition from the beginning, and so it shall remain, despite the fact that the ”Lucia” has become a cultural icon, or a figure in the public domain, nowadays. Like Santa Claus, Mohammed, Jesus or other myhtical figures whose historical authenticity propably never can be proven, in a sense no one can ”own” the ”Lussi” figure, although most frown upon too much abuse of this image..


Closest to her own Pagan past, perhaps, is the ”alternative” (but very true to form and not so original as you might think) Lussi of Härjedalen province, where nowadays, a sort of mix between a ”Burning man” festival and a traditional Yule market is held. As a result of the recent ”St Lucy’s controversy” in the press, I note that my own Asatru Blotlag has become 150 strong, while before, we only were some 40.

Other than that – what can I say, my friends, what can I say. The power of ”Lussi” or the Queen of Light is as strong as always, although few can hold a candle to her own true self. (yes – quite litterally hold a candle – not just figuratively). The role of the supposed ”St Lucy” positively requires a crown of flaming candles, torches, a white ”sark” and all the rest – and few useless imitators can pass the test – besides – a good singing voice, naatural grace and charm is also eminently necessary – and this in most cases totally excludes any children (of either gender) or any male entrants to what essentially always has been a festival of blond, tall females. To be sure, popular culture can come up with a ton of ”bad” Santas, ”blacksploitation” films à la Åhléns (yes, the theory has been launched that they and no one else were the real racists for exploiting a little cute black immigrant kid, remember ?) or Batman as played by a grossly overweight elderly female person of short statue on stilts, or what-have-you, Madison Avenue ? – but then, the view of the majority of people, never mind how ”novel” or ”including” this would be, this alas wouldn’t sell as many movie tickets, regardless of any sterling efforts on part of the elderly person of short statue, or whatever – and it still wouldn’t be ”Batman” in any case..


That said, there are those – perhaps less obvious choices – which still could hold a tray of ”Lussekatter” or ”St Lucy´s Cats” as the saffron wheat buns so popular around this time of year are called – and be of any sex, race or hair color, if you’d ask me. It’s not because of the fact that they have suffered or are martyrs, but since they are fully grown adults, sure of what they are doing, and because of some professionalism on their part. More of them later.


The Lussekatt tradition – as I have shown you – originated with the ”såkaka” or the last bread baked from the final sheaf of the previous harvest being brought back to the soil from which the crop came, the next spring – very similar traditions exist in Russia – while the leftovers would be laced with saffron – a very expensive spice, from Afghanistan or Iran and yet imported already in late iron age – and as we can see above, the traditional shapes above all have to do with fertility, the sun or possibly the female element, denoting Freyja. Why they are called ”cats” no one knows, for some christian researchers and ethnologists claim that this is only a 18th century custom, impossible to trace to pagan times, while other Christians still have the nerve to carry on their infantile bleating about the Devil or Satan, stating that these are ”Lucifer’s buns” and that Lucia is really an evil demon, coming to seduce humanity etc etc ad nauseam..

I have even had some ridiculous left-wing extremist ”thinkers”, ”tinkerers” or whatever screaming at me that I’m a neo-nazi, offering the ”proof” that one of the buns above called ”solvagn” (nr 8) actually is shaped like a Swastika (yes, in reverse – like in Buddhism !) as if this ever ”proved” anything…

or, to quote from Malcolm X, one of my great idols – considering what he did for his poeple, and what I’m trying to do for mine (ah yes, Batman alright !):

”They take one little word out of what you say, ignore all the rest, and then begin to magnify it all over the world to make you look like what you actually aren’t.”

All christianity aside, I wonder what Catholics have against women in general, or why the idea of a black-haired, raven-headed ”Lussi” suddenly became the height of fashion in the 1970’s and 1980’s Sweden, all for ”Politically Correct” reasons. Then – I can distinctly remember – blonde girls were positively and definitely banned from ever entering any ”St Lucy Competitions” (being ”St Lucy” or Lussi is considered a great honor, something like becoming ”The Homecoming Queen” ) just because this would create – ”equal opportunity” – DDR style..

a5732ced580ad2afa402f58980cb278cCatholic ”St Lucy” – breasts cut off, eyes gouged out and placed on a dish, swords through throats – a proper way to treat ladies ?? – Christianity very clearly is for barbarians !

cfce8037d5f3c7d57bb4fdf38ede389f st-agatha-martyrdom294_st-_lucy_and_sword

The Malcolm X quote nonwithstanding, I think there is something very sick inside all these Catholic images. Such an outlook – which justs celebrates martyrdom, suffering and pain for no good reason at all – just a patently unneccessary sacrifice which brings no salvation, and which ”saves” no one – for how can anyone of us possibly derive any kind of spiritual comfort or sense of well-being just from the suffering and intense pain of others ? – Jehova is very clearly a sadist – all this can be contrasted with the celebration of light, and true womanhood. All of that, which Lincoln once called ”the better angels of our nature” and in that sentence, we very propably should put the emphasis on nature, rather than any supposed angels, for Freyja herself is not an angel, except perhaps sometimes.


A friend of mine – nowadays a professional actress – and manager of a fashion store – told me in 2011, when this picture was taken – that as a natural blonde, she couldn’t ever get any serious roles at all. As a blonde, she was for ever and ever doomed to be type-cast into a cliché she didn’t like, but if she dyed her hair black, she got all the serious drama roles and overtly political roles she wanted. We went our separate ways in the end, but for a while, we were complimentary, much like the proverbialBishop and Actress” of British fame.

ed8ce1172bddf7e02a9f3027a638ed76As the bishop said to the actress” (or in this case – vice versa )

To be sure, the role of ”Lussi” should be played at full throttle, and with gusto, much like ”Joan of Arc” but even so, it does require professionalism, most of all, and the passion, the loud sining voice and all the rest of it. That said, I only know of one (previously) male candidate that always – or any time – would fit my bill for a ”Saint Lucy” poster or ad, at least if we take being born genetically male into account.

Race, or hair color – as I said – has nothing to do with it – the important thing is the radiance (litterally speaking) and Heidi – who has adopted one of the names of Freyja for herself – hailing from Iran, and having litterally escaped from there (her story isn’t mine to tell, neither do I know all of it) just to find herself here – having learnt everything there possibly is to know about martyrdom, unneccessary and brutal sufferring, what Monotheism truly brings, and all the rest of it – and still not fully recovered from it all – is the one exception to the rule – having justly earned the title of Lussi, perhaps not by choice (I’m bestowing it upon her right now, yes right now even as we speak, at this very moment) – but no – to safeguard her career, and identity – I will not tell you any more (nor show any pictures) – but as for the ”Unconventional” Lussi, or brides of pure light – yes – I acccept them too, just for their efforts when it comes to sheer will – but as I’ve said, truly being the Lussibrud or Freyja takes dedication, and a lot of hard work – and it never were for children or morons, or just for some silly office party.

Lussi isn’t just about that. It’s about so much more. It always was, and it always will be

Either you should be it in spirit, not just in body, or not at all. It really is as simple as that, but some have won the honor – the hard way.

Not everyone can be Saint Lucy. Thank you, and good night !


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