A Freyja for the 2 section

Do not worry if you don’t even know what section 2 does, or what it’s for, oh gentle and well esteemed readers. There might be hope for you yet, or then again – perhaps not.

Yesterday, I delved into the sordid politics of Asatru within the good old US of A – it all seems to ”Trumped up” these days – plus the minutae of certain laws within Sweden – or why certain things might not occurr or develop the way some less trustworthy people in my country have predicted.

The other day, I wrote about the Catholic Church of Norway, and the sentences against it, even if the final verdict still is pending, as the case of the people and the State of Norway against this Church still wears on – and on.  At least 40 million NOK embezzled from public funds, The catholic Archbishop of Norway appearing at a public trial, in the dock – on charges of gross fraud – 60 000 Norwegians falsely registered – against their will – by the very same church.

Gross fraud, corruption – and corrupt or spurious practises going on for decades upon decades… And these people call themselves Christian, spiritual, religious, whatever. To an Asatrùman for more than 30 years standing like me, it all seems absurd. Do we need to house and have these people within our respective countries ? – or – another rethoric question – Do we even need to give them public grants ??


And, over in another corner of the World, a person named Galina Krassova tells us all to sharpen our theological arguments. Such a nice and heartwarming little thought, I must say – and just for once, I’m not being ironic – at least one person or other seems to be on to something, and have and inkling or two on what I’m talking about. Somewhere else at the very fringes of my bloggosphere, yet another person named John T Mainer talks about art, and the immportance of creativity within our community, but yet he misses the point completely, as he seems to be totally unaware of the very real and legally binding differences between ”public domain” and ”private domain” and why these never even were or never will be the same thing, at any time or in any culture. (And no – I will not provide a link this time over, since unfortunately, I do not share Mr Mainer’s opinion…not on this matter and not on any other matter or subject as well, it seems – at least to me..)

But, then again – let’s talk about art for a while. I could begin with a piece of art or someone else’s handiwork that I actually do own, since I commissioned it. It was made for me by a person I consider to be a friend – and I do not use such words lightly – over in the Ukraine, called Denis Ratushniy – a wooden carver in Kiev.

At least, it gives me an excuse for not shamelessly plugging the Sam Flegal version of Hávamál, since I have plugged that one already. The subject matter is Freyja, whom I feel sure some of you out there will associate with yesterday’s date – regardless of the fact that that date has nothing whatsoever to do with Norse culture nor Nordic culture of the present day as far as anyone can grasp it, and as for your silly, contrieved notions of ”Vali´s Day” and all the rest – plus everyone’s current favourite – the thinly disguised version of the Lupercalia, well – you already know what to do with those, don’t you just, Mr or Mrs Jones ?


This version of Freyja does not look like all the usual ones – I have an ample selection of samples nested among the headings above – but instead, she presents a very different image to the World. I think Denis captured her personality perfectly, and it says a lot about mine as well, even if he never ever met me in real life, much less new my real name. But – little does it matter. By inspiration – his own or inspiration of a very different sort, not just Zeitgeist or the World around him, he got all the details exactly right.

She stands in her Falcon garb,, with a helmet on her head underneath its hood, and although she somehow remains unmistakably female, she does not reveal very much of herself to the World, nor is she fully naked. Quite obviously, she does not share her secrets very easily, or even willingly. Not that I have any objections towards nakedness of course, not like some of you – Americans…Christian bigots in Asatru disguise, all of you ”political correctness” jokers, or fakers of every kind, race, creed and color – it does not matter who you are but how you act, again; might have something to do with it.

And, do not give me any silly talk about ”honor” or any such foolish notions. There is very little of those things left in the World, as far as we can grasp it, and then; why do you even suppose that your own Americanized version of Asatru should even vaugely correspond to ours ?

Besides, I do not even care what you think. If the sight of the human body, be it male or female, scares or intimidates you so much that you cannot even bear to look at pictures of it, or artistic representations of it, as the case might be; then – very clearly, Asatru is not for you at all, neither is Nordic culture. And – if I might put forward a slice of personal philosophy – it might be that you have been on this planet for too long, and therefore, it is perhaps time for you to die. Yes, to die or to be removed from Midgard by force. Or exterminated, rather, put down and destroyed, in the very same way that a sane person would destory rats, viruses or vermin, should they ever come within his or her vicinity. Now, I’d rather not go into the details of all of this, but to be perfectly honest with you folks out there in the West, this is exactly how I feel about your new president and most of your leaders, for instance – or rather – this is exactly how I feel about some of you, when it comes to your attitude towards the World in general, as well as your attitude towards my culturre and country. Rest assured that I do not like you very much, for patently obvious reasons, eventhough they have very little to do with the subject matter outlined inn the beginning of this passage.

And, again, do not think of me as a ”brother”, fellow traveller or even a friend. It has been said before, of course, but for the most part, I would reserve such appelatives to my fellow Europeans, Ukrainians, Russians or Balts.  Having said all that – or written it on the web, for all the World to see, let’s return to the Freyja of Denis Ratushniy.


Indeed, she might appear rather faceless – ”Ein Staabsofficier hat kein gesicht” – any facial features is only hinted at, but does not appear to have been carved very clearly – and this, I think to be fully intentional, a conscious act on the part of the artist. The Brisingamen is there, to be sure, and so is a spear – rather the counterpart of Gungnir, Odin’s flying lance of piercing intellect and pure thought, the spear of destiny in the Ravenscroftian sense. Strangely enough, or as pure coincidence would have it, I have one close blood relative whose name means ”helmeted one” and my real name (yes, we have several – I have one which I do not speak to the outside World) has – as you might have guessed or decoded by now – something to do with spears, in particular. The creature at Freyja’s feet, on the other hand, since very indeterminate. Very clearly, it is not feline, and this is no ordinary house-cat, nor does it appear to be canine or dog-like either, nor is it ursine or porcine. It is something else enitrely. Perhaps, the artist started out carving a dog, but then changed horses in mid-stream, so to speak, and then made a creture which combines many elements into one, as a suggestion that there is more to this than meets the eye.

Around the neck of the figure, we find a very conventional Fä-rune (F for Freyja, get it ?) but at the buckle of her belt (”meine ehre heisst treue”  – as in the very word Tru or Trua ?) there is a bind rune, which seems to suggest that Mr Ratushniy might actually know a thing or two about runes himself – I’m not exactly the only runester out there… You can clearly see the Kaun rune and the Gifu inside it – and those two, very apporopriately are the fifth and sixth runes within a standard Uthark (yes, we do not count them as you do – surprise surprise – and why do you think the Kylver stone was buried upside down ?) and they are of course Freyja’s runes to boot, the one for heat, flame, ardour and gift, recieving, asking as well.

Remember the passage from Egil’s Saga Skallagrimssonar. Egil comes to Swedish Wermland province, and finds a young woman feverish and sick, nearly on the verge of dying, from inappropriate use of runes. He finds an object, very much like this, underneath the sick bed – only it’s scribbled all over with runes – this one has none, but they shall be marked in blood one day – and removes some of them…


A writer shouldn’t write what he or she doesn’t know” – this sentence, as you know, remains among my favorite dictums. Not as the countless people out there, who do very sloppy research or rather no research at all, and who remain so ignorant about our language, our culture, our history (yes – ours – and it is not for you to use and abuse at your own will !) that they misinterpret everything that they see, from Hildisvin to Irminsul. To sum up, I have my own standards – about art and many other things – but good art, no matter what the subject was (it begins with Freyja, and it constantly comes back to her – but it does not end there) can perhaps show us the way.

kungenEven Kings and Queens must fall silent, while ”Runsk” may speak…

I have a ranking list of sorts, somewhere.

A) Verified Information – that correlates to at least one, or preferrably several documented sources.

Examples: Edred Thorsson, Kveldulf Gundarson, Asatrufélag Islands, Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson. ”Thessi eru Asatruamanna !”

B) Propably Verifiable Information – that correlates to earlier information from at least two independent, propably accurate sources

Examples: Gro Steinsland, Östen Kjellman, Åke Ström

C) Possibly Verifiable Information – the contents of which doesn’t differ from earlier, verified information or actual conditions as observed, and where a high degree of reliability has been ensured.

Examples: Eldaring Germany, Sveriges Asatro Samfund (before 1998), Nordiska Asa Samfundet, Björn Collinder, Erik Brate

D) Doubtful information, the contents of which sharply deviates from tendencies or observed context matter in earlier verified info, and where a high degree of reliability cannot be ensured

Examples: Freyja Ashwynn, Åke Ohlmarks, ”Eddabloggen” etc

E) Highly Unlikely Information, the contents of which visibly go against every verified source, or directly militates against empirically observed facts:

Examples: Hugin’s Heathen Hof, ”Forn Sed” Sverige, the Catholic Church of Norway et al..

F) Veracity cannot be determined. Information which simply is illogical, irrational, and which militates against every known fact:

Examples: ”Räv” Skogsberg, ”Mr Borbah”, Heathen Talk Radios (of any kind) Mr Bonobo, Trump.

End of transmission. Soon back to regular sermons and rants in Swedish…


Cute, isn’t it just – Mr or Mrs Jones ?




Of course, the other side is quite the opposite. It defines itself by what it is not, and by what it is against. Groups like Hugin’s Heathen Hof, The Troth, and Heathen Talk do little more than vomit forth a steady stream of negative virtue signaling, as if to say, ”we’re the good ones, because we define ourselves by whom we hate.”
They are defined by their hatreds.


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