Thor’s Day: ”Meanwhile in Denmark”….

”Knotet tystnat
Ordnad, färdig
Odens stora skugga värdig
Under Vapen hären står..”

– Ur ”Svenska Bilder” (lätt förvanskad)

I feel vindicated today. If only yesterday, I blurted out that Thor’s day or Thursday – like always – would be a day for action; the same as Odin’s day or Wednesday would be a day of remembrance and thought, then – very evidently – some people in this World of ours took my very word for it, and decided to act as well. I got this news clipping from an Asatru friend in Denmark today – and as you can see – the Danes mean businessthey do not just ”talk” asatru and they do not play around with Nordic culture or its symbols, like HHH, and a few Trumped-up, Donalded-out,  silly intellectuals, over in the US of A, Arizona or someplace.

They use them, however; as they have used them in the past – 1000 years and more into the past to be blunt, and if you have any objection towards that, Dear Sir or Madam (or whatever) of, then I kindly advise you all to take your opinions, and keep them well to your ever so well-educated self. Men have fought and died to defend these symbols, you see – they belong to our Nations, NOT yours , nor anyone els’s- and if you somehow can’t respect all this, you cannot honestly expect us to feel very much respect for you either – and that is the long and short of it.

I hinted at all this, in a few previous posts from this week, assuming even foreign readers could see where I was going, as already pictures or faces would perhaps explain some things, my own personal feelings or experiences notwithstanding. Today, after reading  Nordic Defence Watch, courtesy of the Danish Government, I’ve been informed on how the Danish Prime Minister and the Danish Minister of Defence have adopted the ”Raven Banner” (formerly the symbol of the 1st Battalion 1st Tank Squadron,  Royal Danish Hussars) as the official and international 1000 + men strong Danish contribution to the NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF)

This is not exactly the first time similar heraldic symbols, ”themes” or even ”morale patches” are used, as I have shown you in the past. You may think that this is strange or curious, yes – but some years back, the Danish Defence Academy even published an official Brief on Asatru, and its merits and importance for the Danish Soldier. (Just follow the link, you too can learn and take part of this publication).

The Norwegian Army or the Telemark Bn isn’t exactly squeamish about using Asatru or its symbols either, as this little endearing Youtube clip from Afghanistan in 2010 will plainly show (yes, some readers might note that I’ve displayed the same official newsreel footage on my blog in the past, but just in case you have forgotten something about the way we see things around here – or who or what you are dealing with🙂

Asatru is not a religion of peace. It never was, and it never will be. It is a religion of defence, however, vindicated and justified cultural defence, you might say; when circumstances so dictate, but not always. You can hear the Norwegian Battalion Commander here, and see the reaction of his men – for them – in the situation they are placed in, Asatru is no mere intellectual pursuit, and certainly no ”game”. It is not something they do as a mere hobby, nor as some dress rehearsal, ”live role playing game” or some other American brand of near total idiocy. Rather, it is what keeps them alive, what motivates them – and – for better or for worse – what they see themselves as being part of. If you respect them, their efforts or their nation, even – then very clearly, you should learn to respect as much.

We do not misuse your US battle flags, or adopt names or symbols taken straight from the Arlington cemetery, do we ?

As we do not, maybe you should stop misusing or misappropriating ours.

I make no bones about it, but doubtlessly, this will interest my readers in Russia or those on Byelorussian servers too. For one thing, I like you people much better than my US readers – most of them, anyway. I must thank certain friends, followers and fellow travellers in the east for all the time and interest they have lavished upon me throughout the years, for as soon as I touch on certain subjects or type certain key words as it were, they almost stand to attention. As if something was to be learnt from every little scrap of information that I give them, every rumour, every hint.

Finally an organisation that really listens to its own people !

(yes, in fact, they always listen !!)

I like their attitude, and I praise them for their dedication. I never heard anyone of these people speak ill of me, insult me to my face, insult my country, insult all my friends and brand me as an obvious ”racist” or even ”Nazi” as one Xander or Slander or whatever his name is, over at the pointless, tedious and misleading HHH site, just because we will not sign some sort of petition directed against one Stephen McNallen or two. (Yes Virginia, I trust you already can find out which one I’m talking about)

There are plenty of Asatruar in Russia too, to be sure. You can find them on VKontakte and all sorts of Internet forums, but you see; just as the Icelanders of Asatrufelagidh (the real, original and best!) these people rarely (if ever) communicate with the outside world or non-Russians. After all, their President, Vladimir Vladimirovitj himself, has expressively designed a law, which could potentially brand every organisation, every individual of every faith or political denomination a ”foreign agent”, at least if that organisation or individual openly takes money or directions from some sort of clearly political body abroad, for that sort of thing; most Russians do not want. Also – on a final note – Ah yes, dear friends, I do respect our dear neighbour, President Vladmir Vladimirovitj much more than some other President or other, somewhere else in the World. I have frequently mentioned this fact in the past – remember ?

Now, I might disagree with my Russian neighbours and fellow Europeans (Russia shouldn’t be excluded from Europe – neither so should the Ukraine – and there is no particular reason to believe that the VJTF ever will be used against them, as long as they keep their peace) on many things, such as the reason behind the increasing tensions in the Baltic area, to name but a small thing, or why civil war still is clearly evident in the Ukraine. But, in most respects, and for the most part – I know that I can trust them. We know exactly where we stand, and on the other side of the geographical border that divides us, they feel and think and live as I do here – and that, in turn; also gives me a reason to respect them. We have much in common with the Slavs. Our history, our ancestry. ”Svitjod hin Mikla” .

All of it, and what brings much pain to my heart – much more pain than you could possibly realise – as I have friends on both sides of the conflict – is what Putin’s Russia has done to the Ukrainians; and how they have become bereft of their future, bereft of every hope. I for one can afford to be sympathetic there, for I well and truly understand how that feels..


Over here, we take some symbols very seriously. Certainly, we do not want any more ”cultural Misappropriation” or any more symbol misuse, verbal abuse or sheer insults from people who do not even know what they are talking about, or who haven’t even bothered to do their own research correctly, once they delve into what must be (for them!) an obscure or arcane subject.

Clearly, for the few benighted souls out there, who have the audacity to call themselves ”rational heathens” (irrational new age prophets, more like) and who claim to be ”afraid of the Irminsul” or ”afraid of certain runes” I only have one word of advice – get lost – or if not that – at least t-r-y to get your facts right.

If you hold such irrational fears about ”evil nazis” or similar matters, maybe Asatru isn’t for you – and if you cannot accept what Thor, Odin, Tyr and all the rest once were about – what they still are all about – or who they are for, or from whose perspective the Eddas were written, maybe you should try something else, and go Wiccan, for instance, or go read another blog or what-have-you.

Over here, we are Asatru all the way, not just as a mere pretence.

Or, as one American singer – named Gene Simmons – once so lovingly put it –

”You wanted the best – and you have got the best. You had better believe it…”



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