”As Above, So Below”

The phrase ”As Above, So Below” has been known to pagans and heathens since of centuries back. It has been attributed to none other than Hermes Trismegistus, a mythical sage and student of astrology, Hellenistic mysticism and other subjects, who supposedly lived around the second or third century AD.  I’m not overly interested or knowledgeable in these subjects, as everyone knows, and a mystic, I’m certainly not – but I can still find meaning in those words, and none more so than today, or during the two weeks that have passed since easter or Eostre, as the case might be.

As Above, So Below” was a saying used to convey the idea that whatever took place in the starry heavens above, also influenced life down here on Earth, as it were, or that events in the Macrocosm or ”big” World of Planets, Gods or even spirits above, somehow affected the Microcosm of Human beings below. To be sure, there has been made a motion picture or two with the words already present in the title, but as for me, I have never even watched it, nor have I the slightest intention ever to do so. Besides, I have already attracted the attention of one idiotic reader from halfway across the World or some other form of Joker, Faker or would-be moralist, who amuses himself or herself with the usual ”guilt by association game” just by looking at the pictures, illustrations or other material I might post here, without even reading what I actually write, without even attempting to understand the content of the blog posts, and without even a clue as to what they are actually about.

Thus, the need for me to change over into another language – even the most unintelligent and swine-like of readers must have comprehended by now that this is a mainly Swedish language personal blog only, nothing else. This is not a daily newspaper, nor an internet page belonging to a certain organisation, or even some Governmental body, but after what we have seen here in Sweden, during Easter at Old Upsala, and what we have seen in Berkely, California, where other groups of heathens and even Asatru (well, they do call themselves Asatru or even Wiccans, but I’m inclined to doubt the veracity of that) it might be that Law Enforcement Authorities should be alerted, as I have hinted on already, or – at the very least – that all relevant organisations who even call themselves Asatru should be aware of what’s going on…


I have already reported on the so-called ”Anti-Trump Rally” as observed by the Wild Hunt Blog, and its sordid and revolting consequences. Pagan leaders of different Wiccan or Asatru organisations have been involved, openly taking sides with the extreme left (the so-called ”Antifa” movement) and the extreme right, which apparently is much gaining in strength, ever since Donald Trump became president. And not only that. We have witnessed how they directly take part in the street fighting as well, and how they openly aid the various extremist factions with improvised medicare, information services, and no doubt supplies and logistics as well; although it must be said that ”The Wild Hunt” isn’t offering actual proof within the two latter areas, although it is a matter of simple conjecture. Much like rebels in Chechnya, the Donbass or anywhere else, these people hide behind their figurative Red Cross Armbands one second, and the next, they join the fighting by chucking stones or firing AK-47’s – and sometimes not as figuratively as they would have us believe…

All these so-called ”Freyja worshippers” who harp on endlessly about how much they support peace & love, 60-s fashion, all these ”Mardöllsdottirs” or ”Cara Freyjasdaughters if not actual Freyja Ashwynns… Yes, if you have some insight into the Asatru World, you know perfectly well who I am talking about, dear friends, and frankly – I am very much disgusted and outraged by the whole Frigging lot of you, although one shouldn’t use Frigg’s holy name in vain, I do suppose. Falsely hiding behind internet outlets like ”Huginn’s Heathen Hof” telling all and sundry about your blissful family life, and what a bunch of peaceful do-gooders you are. And then the allegations, the idiotic declarations we must sign,  based on stanza 127 in the Hávamál, your work within pure hate groups like ”HUAR” (or ”heathens united against racism” as you so lovingly put it) who are just as vile, just as baseless and just as biased as their relevant counterparts on the extreme right or neo-nazi side, along the self-appointed, but not very competent and certainly not disciplined ”Soldiers of Odin” and their respective Facebook-based hate groups, or mudslinging sites.

The real – the original and best – and WITHOUT any political bias, since of more than 45 years standing

Ever wonder why the Icelandic Asatrufelagid doesn’t associate with any US so-called Asatru groups at all, and why they adamantly refuse to sign your ”Declaration 127” ? It is because you stink, you revolt us even, all you Americans, you hypocrites, you endless perverters of everything we hold dear. Country after country has been destroyed by you, the whole post-war era through, and if it isn’t Trump and his missile attacks (which aren’t likely to make the Syrian situation any better) then it is something else, somewhere else – at one scale  or another. From the ridiculously small to World events, and nearly everything in between.

The Wild Hunt Blog, over in its cosy New York office HQ:s at some law firm or other, have hinted at the fact that new Berkeley riots and still more Anti-Trump rallies will take place, at 1st of May, and by now; the entire situation seems to have escalated to such a degree that even my local newspaper finally has become aware.  The ”Wild Hunt” hints that at least a few deaths and casualties may occur, if Wiccan or Asatru or whatever still remains to be seen. I will not be too surprised if something like that happens.

Now, to be sure – if we limit ourselves to the Macrocosm, or World events, there might as well have been several ultimatums issued, from the US Government to the Syrian one – and if these were left unanswered, the launch followed as an immediate response. Vital installations may have been taken out, stockpiles of nerve gas (most likely ”sticky” sarin of Russian manufacture) may have been destroyed – and exact casualty figures are as of yet undetermined. Despite what we have read in the press, no reaction from Russia or the Islamist World has materialised as of yet, and local newspapers here hint at the fact that even Israel might now carry out similar retaliatory” attacks with impunity, as it certainly is in its best interests, and very probably for the good of us all.

Still, no defence analyst anywhere, no matter how skilled, not inside the Pentagon (yes, strangely enough, this blog has had a single reader placed at that very location – it seems absurd, I do know, but I know this to be a fact, nonetheless) nor at the DoD (the US Department of Defence) nor at the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) nor anywhere else can guess the final outcome, the later development nor the result of Mr Trump’s latest warand as for the scenarios that might as well exist somewhere – well, it has been said that reality always overtakes the very best plans, hasn’t it just – Mr or Mrs Jones ?

Peace Keeping or Peace Enforcement ? Just who is doing what, now ??


(Panels from ”Wonder Warthog” by Gilbert Shelton, 1968)

The ”body count” after the latest Islamist attack against Stockholm, Sweden has now risen to 5 dead, still a relatively minuscule figure, as I myself have remarked. Ironically – and tragically – one of the dead was a Social Democrat Politician, evidently – but as I have stated, all the protest marches here were peaceful, calm, ordered and eminently worthy demonstrations – no stones, no knives confiscated, no tear gas or pepper spray confiscated from the tens of thousands marching through the streets of our capital – and whatever the reason, it might be that over here, people think a lot differently than in the land of Trump.

Speaking of Freyja, universal love (??) and all that, I return to the Microcosm; noting that Swedish intellectual Ann Heberlein, who at least not isn’t a complete, American Buffarilla (thou shalt not speak Freyja’s name in vain, and if at all you are stupid or insipid enough to name yourself after her, you can at least try to look the part) like me, doesn’t exactly think that ”universal love” can rid this World of Monotheism, or its ugly counterpart – terrorism – which sooner or later becomes the sole result, wherever Islam or Christianity are permitted to hold too much influence over politics.

Naturally, Mrs Heberlein has been accused of a lot of things, up to and including Antisemitism, just because she holds this viewpoint, but how on earth can that be, when she constantly defends Emmerich Roth, while I for my part constantly quotes Peter Weiss on civil resistance, even Malcolm X at times, but if you ever have any sort of intelligence or intelligence processing capability at all, or if you have at least a notion of how to use google, for instance, you might perhaps cease to be such an American idiot, for there is much more than meets the eye, here. Mrs Heberlein holds a Lectorate in Ethics at the Lund University, I might be holding something else, but it’s not a gun, nor a knife, at least not at present.

Call yourself Mardöllsdaughter ? Why then at least TRY to look the part and ACT the part ? (one does not speak the name of Mardöll in vain..)

Further, into the nooks and crannies of the local Microcosm, I note that one local Asatru association hereabouts, one which still falsely claim that it has some 400 members, while in reality it has never reached more than some 130 during the last decade, still refuses to comment on its latest ”blood sacrifice” ceremony, held directly in front of news cameras belonging to Upsala Nya Tidning, UNT, this very easter.

Now, for my part, I still fail to comprehend why anyone leading a ”circle”, a ceremony, a Blot or something similar, at Old Upsala of all places – a place most people who call themselves Asatru would consider holy – wouldn’t intervene at once, move certain people over to the side, and ask them what the unholy Hel they think they are doing. Furthermore, I do not see the necessity of going to such a ceremony fully armed, or brandishing knives – we hear that it was supposed to represent a wedding, a betrothal or something vaguely similar – but why certain people then have to cut themselves, or their loved ones for that part, still remains unclear.

First, witnesses stated to me that all was ”accidental” and then, the way the newspaper presented it, it was a pre-planned, premeditated event, perhaps undertaken by some youngsters or individuals who didn’t know any better, since they had only three months of stated experience or contact with one Asatru group, and hence no real idea what Asatru really is about. In any case, the Swedish National Police has a very clear interpretation of SFS 1988:254, the so-called Knife Law, and what it actually means. So-called ”fantasy re-enactments” or historical weapons are NO exception, no exception at all. Neither are there any excuse for weddings, conducted in blood, vampirism, nor for religious ceremonies et al – and why this certain ”Forn Sed” Association – who falsely claims that it is ”national” – needs to violate national laws, time and time again – sure beats me, but I do note that it is happening, over and over as it were, and that alternative organisations do exist.

Now, the largest one of them has over 640 paying members, at the immediate moment – as I hear – and strangely enough, we haven’t read or seen any unseemly or idiotic news items regarding them in the local papers, be it Uppsala or anywhere else. Except for one totally misleading and misinformed US comment, somewhere on the net, I’ve heard nothing evil regarding this particular organisation that has been substantiated or verified through trustworthy sources as of yet – and that is what I prefer to read or work with – trustworthy sources, trustworthy people. Due to the fact that I have a very positive outlook on the World, at least in general, you cannot go very much wrong with me, but once I’m disappointed, I tend to lose faith completely – and that goes for individuals, organisations, entire belief systems, countries or nations or damned near anything else that I may have come into contact with.

In a similar vein, The Wild Hunt Blog only a few days quoted one Josh Heath, founder of the Open Halls Project – if you are familiar with that particular organisation, and its very ambitious goals. Strangely enough, as I have reported – and as we do not only have Asatru 1st Sgts or old Sergeant majors in this country, we even have Asatru Colonels at that, up to and including one four-star Colonel, who would pass for a Brigadier General or a one star general in US terms. And as I’ve already explained, you cannot exactly judge him, as you would judge an ordinary man, for considering all the places he has been; and all that his eyes might have seen, he too cannot concievably be called ”ordinary” any longer.

As above, So Below” it was said, long ago – or as another heathen out there – one named Publius Terentius Afer  – once so lovingly put it – Humani nihil a me alienum puto”or – to say it in German –  Nichts Menschliches ist mir fremd –  which just so happens to be the motto of some training facilitiy or other in Austria – and I have that from a very reputable source.

In the mean time, or ”for the duration” as it might well be, I want you all to ponder very very closely what Asatru or Heathenism is supposed to be. What is it, that we do ? What is it going to be, this time over – peace keeping or peace enforcement ?

What is it, that we have to do – and how do we serve our Gods, Deities and Ideals the best ?

Mr Josh Heath has added his thoughts on this very question, and I have my own opinions too, as anyone can see; and so – I say – eventhough it may not sound very politically correct or even coherent to say so – As above, so below


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